Friday, 14 December 2007

New Collection

Bangle of amethyst cabochons with blue sapphire in black silver

Pair of orange sapphire bubble earrings in black silver

Champagne topaz in black silver earrings

Champagne topaz pave bangle in black silver

Purple enamel earrings with citrine and white sapphires in black silver

Rhodonite garnet pave ball earrings in black silver

Apatite with diamond stiletto bubble earrings in 18k white gold


hunniebunch said...

hi! i really like this collection! i want to know how much so i can save up the funds, how much is the champagne topaz, pave balls, & apatite? please reply as i have been waiting for weeks for you to update. thanks!

JDHoschka said...


1)The champagne topaz pair is P28,000.00
2) Pave ball in rhodo garnet is P 39,000.00
3) Apatite earrings is P 110,000.00

Thanks for your inquiry!