Thursday, 31 January 2008

Indian Jewellery

I have alway felt an affinity for indian jewellery. Intricately done (front and back), meticulous to the detail, the use of gems have always signified opulence. My favorite era is of the Mughal period. The Mughals were considered to be the great patrons of the arts, and artists during that time were highly respected and encouraged. A sensation of magnificence have been created with the fables of fabulous jewels, handsome princes, beautiful women and perfumed palaces, that continues to hang back long after the end of the dynasty.

We invite you to come to visit us for an Indian jewellery love affair at JANINA.

All items are available for viewing.

Kundahmeehna jewellery means you can wear them front and back. Intricate details seen here with flat cut diamonds and spinel beads. This is the front.

This is the back

Green emerald beads with flat cut diamonds and green emeralds in silver and gold. This is the front.

This is the back.

Spinel necklace choker with matching earrings in silver and gold

Rainbow carved sapphire beads

Rose cut pendant and earrings in silver and gold

blue sapphire earrings with diamonds in silver and gold

Rubies, green emeralds and diamonds in silver and gold

Cognac diamonds in black silver and gold

Green emerald drops in 18k gold

All pieces transcend from day to evening. It's how you wear it!

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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Turning Japanese..

We interrupt my jewellery blog to insert my trip to the uber luxurious city of Tokyo!

I don't normally blog about other things besides jewellery but this trip of mine to Tokyo was super fun! Tokyo for me is a city that spells L-U-X-U-R-Y. Great food, people, architecture, and all the shopping! Nowhere in the world will you see Louis Vuitton or Cartier shops in almost every street corner a'la 7-11! If you need a quick LV fix- you don't need to go too far!

Ha ha I have the Imelda Collection bag on the floor (perfect pasalubong!)

Prada Building

love this jewellery store- it's like "you don't have to buy my jewellery" type of facade

Wako storefront (where the Royals shop)

The Mikimoto Building (great architecture!)

in Ginza

can't get any better than this, Cartier and Prada building in the background while a Max Mara truck passes by!

celebrating our anniversary at Beige by Alain Ducasse at the Chanel Building

the interior

Oyster and porcini mushroom cappucino

The starter: scallop with crunchy bits with cognac sauce

Mushroom pasta

Pot a feu vegetable timbale

Steamed cod fish (gosh this is making me hungry)

the beef cheek stew that melts in your mouth

Chanel traditional chocolate dessert (with gold leaf nonetheless)

About to dig in!

the iconic logo as chocolat!

Tokyo wouldn't be as fun if not for my good friend Joey who works at VALEXTRA-
girls, next time you're in Tokyo it's a must to stop by there!

The international symbol of "Hi, we are Japanese!"

Friday, 18 January 2008

How they wear it - IV

Ms. Ritsuka Sato, one of Japan's socialites wears her double happiness with mink!

Joey Lorenzo of Valextra is impossibly chic in black cashmere!

Ms. M. Tai shows us her ruby earrings......

.... and the tanzanite drops as well!

My "muse/moose" VG who doesn't seem to have "bad" days ...

.....up close and personal

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

How they wear it! (part trois)

Jane Manglapus is aglow with her pregnancy and her bangles!

Candy's necklace adds a twinkle to D's eyes.

Dorothy Neri shines on

Puey and his cuff..enough said!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

How they wear it! (part deux)

Mitzi likes it long!

Ms. RC and her fashionable get up

Ms. Nicole Fandino goes for Ralph Lauren chic with her rings

Ms. Leslie Cruz wears her cuff and earrings stylishly casual

How they wear it!

Ms. IG hides from the paparazzi with her cuff and earrings

Verushkha uses her smoky topaz cuff to stave off the cold

Ms. Rachelle Wenger has her Christmas gift earrings on

Ms. GR wears her bangles casually in t-shirt and jeans ensemble deluxe

.....more to come!