Monday, 7 January 2008

How you like my rings?

Green Flourite with diamonds in 18k white gold

Pink tourmaline with pink sapphires and rubies in 18k black gold

Multi coloured sapphires with diamonds in 18k white gold

Ruby cabochon with pear shaped diamonds and rubies in 18k white gold
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pastry addict said...

oyeahbabyyeah!!so much!

i like the green one, but then i liked the pink one, and then i like multi colored one, but then i saw the ruby one!!! *ack*! i like them all!!!

how much?!?! can they be resized?!

JDHoschka said...


The green got sold and the pink one is on reserve for P40,000.00. The multi coloured one can be re-made for P 62,000.00 and the ruby cabochon is P 125,000.00

They can all be re-sized.

Thanks for inquiring!