Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Snake eyessss...

I made this for a special client of mine. She has been wanting a snake cuff slider and after receiving it, this is what she wrote me back and I quote:

"Janina! You won't believe what's been happening to me since I started wearing the snake cuff. I've been getting hit on left and right! I am not kidding! It's as if it has an ad out on me: WILD AND DANGEROUS, MUST TRY! Gosh, you should see the come-ons I've been getting...it's so flattering and really boosts my ego.
Thanks J!"

Disclaimer: it also helps that the owner of said cuff is strikingly gorgeous!
Now see what my jewellery can do to your love life!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Transformer Ring

Have you seen movies where the villains from the middle ages would distract their unsuspecting victim whilst dropping poison into their drinks stashed inside their rings?

Well, this is my take, but it's not poison.. well, maybe poison to tempt you into buying more jewellery!

All variations of quartz stones fit into the ring.
Ring is made of silver plated rose gold, white sapphires and amethysts.

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Pave Chains in store

Yellow sapphire, green tsavorite,rhodonite garnet and blue topaz in silver

Yellow and green sapphire links bracelet in silver

Yellow, pink and white sapphire in silver

Town and Country October 2008

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

How She Wears It

Mitzi with her blue topaz necklace and rose quartz ring. This is an example of how jewellery doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. The contrasts of the 2 colors offset her purple dress to perfection!

Lifestyle Asia EIC Anna Sobrepena glows in her royal blue dress with cool aquamarine earrings to match

One of the MOST stylish women in Manila, Ms Liz Uy looks dazzling in a Puey Quinones gown and ..

JANINA for Jul Dizon Transformer Earrings! Too pretty!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My friend Joey

There are few people who just ooze style- one of them is my friend Joey. Anything he wears looks soooo 'mayaman!' He recently ordered sliders from my Transformer Collection.

Icy white diamonds in 18k white gold with a detachable white drop South Sea pearl
Black diamonds in 18k black gold with a detachable black South Sea Tahitian pearl.

as sliders which can be worn separately or together...

... or as a pendant which he dangled with a leather cord!

...loops it in his belt

how do you wear your sliders?

Thanks for rocking it Joey!