Friday, 24 October 2008

Transformer Ring

Have you seen movies where the villains from the middle ages would distract their unsuspecting victim whilst dropping poison into their drinks stashed inside their rings?

Well, this is my take, but it's not poison.. well, maybe poison to tempt you into buying more jewellery!

All variations of quartz stones fit into the ring.
Ring is made of silver plated rose gold, white sapphires and amethysts.

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Anonymous said...

hey! i like this!! pretty cool! how much?


JDHoschka said...

P59,500.00 including 3 different colored quartz (rose, citrine and lemon)

Little Miss Dress Up said...

What a great idea, Jenny!

I love this ring so much :D


JDHoschka said...

Thanks Lil Ms Dress Up!

M.A.R. said...

OMG! I love this ring & all your jewelry pieces!

JDHoschka said...


deluxeduck said...

what a brilliant idea!!! this ring made me an instant fan of yours. definitely putting you on my list the next time im in the Philippines.

JDHoschka said...