Tuesday, 22 July 2008


How fun would it be to match the cuffs to your outfits? One of my best sellers:

Small sliders with multi colored gemstones in silver plated rose, white and black gold

The new crocodile cuff collections

A myriad of colors for you to choose from

Sliders alone

Mix and match however way you want it!

Monday, 21 July 2008


Here are just a few combinations you can make with the Transformer collection

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jul Dizon's Fairy Garden

Theme: Fairy Forest
Floral Designer: Zenas Pineda

"Follow the path which will lead you to fairies and nymphs..."

My Mom, Jul Dizon wanted to have a lush tropical garden effect where fairies adorned with diamonds and aquamarines traipse around you. This stunning visual greeted you as you enter the Ballroom. Enter the world of Jul Dizon and be enchanted forever!

The pathway

The ferns and moss

A fairy resting her weary feet

A nymph sitting atop a mushroom

Showing the jewellery

Gathered together

Ms. Jul Dizon in the middle of all the enchantment

Ginny Dizon's Vignette: Modern Filipino

Theme: Modern Filipino
Interior Designer: Ms. Maritess Magcase

This was an outstanding feat of design. My sister Ginny wanted a modern reinterpretation of a cave where you usually find jewellery from years past. Maritess referenced the arcs as the stalactites, the torquoise wall for water and the rocks of course for ...well rocks. The moody lighting worked so well- it really felt like another world!

Arcs as stalactites

Mannequin draping by Puey Quinones

Ati- Atihan brooch in peacock feathers, silver, gold and diamonds
(feather picture by Neal Oshima)

Boulders taken from a Rizal quarry with an 'excavated' hammered gold and rough diamond earrings.

Kunzite rough with diamonds and facetted kunzites

Ms. Maritess Magcase, Pam Buhain and Ginny F. Dizon

Candy Dizon's Whimsilicious!

Theme: The Madhatter's Tea Party
Interior Designer: Jun Jun Ablaza

Whimsical is Candy's forte and she proved it once again! The vignette was literally a feast for the eyes- a cornucopia of teapots, birdcages, feathers galore!

Tea anyone?

Candy Dizon with her tiara!

Lost in the world of Alice..

Birdcages extraordinnaire!

Coral bangles with starfish, shells, and fish

Torquoise starfish and coral shell with diamonds

Under the sea with sapphires and ruby fish, pearls and tsavorite seaweed!

Modern Oriental by Lucille Dizon

Theme: Opium Den
Interior Designer: Ms. Martha Uy

As you can see, this gem of a vignette is actually a make shift house! Check out the many interesting details:

All antiques by Arts of Asia

Please come in!

The altar where the Buddhas beckon (bejewelled of course)

Jade pendant against a wooden buddha

The settee

All dolls wore handmade costumes by Ignacio Loyola, and they wore their jewellery to perfection.

A temple ring shown here.

Bone buddha earrings with diamonds

Lucille R. Dizon posing languidly over her 'house'.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

FACETS- 30 yrs of Jul Dizon Jewellery

July 9 was a milestone for us for we celebrated 30 years of jewellery making and designing called FACETS- 30 Years of Jul Dizon Jewellery

The Idea:

5 Dizon women with the help of top interior designers created 5 different vignettes. Mom's was a lush tropical Garden, Candy's was an Alice in Wonderland theme, Lucille's was Modern Oriental while Ginny's was a modern Filipino. Mine was an ode to Modern Art. Collaborating with me is Mel La'o of Independent Studio. I must say that sometimes how we perceive design in our heads doesn't turn out the same in reality. I am happy to say that this event surpassed all our expectations!

Forgive me for posting pics only from my vignette, there were too many people, I didn't even have a chance to go around each and every vignette but I know that it was spectacular!

Many thanks for Stephanie Chong of the Peninsula Manila as well as Exec Chef Adam for creating wonderful food alongside our themes, Kaufman Stones for the flooring, Honeywell for the safes, and Boysen for the paint.

To all who made it, thanks for coming!

The safes were used as installation art (Puey Quinones who did my gown in the background)

My muse Verushkha Go for Video Art

The mockettes that were sooo interesting! All mockettes made by Mel and Erika of Independent Studio.

The tongue in cheek celebrity wall!

' See you at the Oscars indeed!'

The sketch artist who will do kinetic portraiting that...

..you can adorn with jewellery stickers (they were flying off the shelves!)..

.. however way you wish it! Ms IG embellishes hers with a tiara and earrings to match!

Some of the guests:

Stylist par excellance Michael Salientes and Ms. she-who-needs-no-introductions IMA!

My fave people Daphne Doroja-Syjuco, Mai and David Kaufman, and fellow jeweller Paul Syjuco.

Ms. IG and her sis in law EC!

Lorraine Belmonte of Mega and my wonderful artistic Mom whom we love so much- Jul Dizon!

Ms. Mia Borromeo of Tatler Magazine and Mr. Junie Rodriguez- another talented interior designer.

Fashion designer extraordinaire Rajo Laurel and his partner Nix Alanon (they were so dapper!)

My bosom buddies, Dorothy Neri and Mitzi Pangilinan-de Guzman

My muse Verushkha G and Grace Bagatsing with friends

The Dizon women with the Godfather!

The best is yet to come!