Friday, 15 February 2008

Help Liz decide!

This is Liz, the spectacular fashion editor of Preview Magazine- she got this earrings last year but now she is deciding between the 2 below- can you help?

1) Purple reversible enamel earrings (look at how it pops against her FLAWLESS skin)

2) Green emerald and pink tourmaline earrings with brown diamonds

So, what do you guys think?
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Anonymous said...

i like both! go w/ green emerald =)

Anonymous said...

go with the green emerald and pink tourmalines!

Anonymous said...

Go for the indian earrings! Very opulent! And the earrings standout on her. :P

Anonymous said...

the green! (#2)
the other pair doesn't enhance her face shape

Anonymous said...

The Purple Reversible Enamel Earrings are lots of fun. You can dress them up or down. The feel must also be lighter on the ear.