Monday, 14 April 2008

Seeing Double

The concept of double rings came to me many years back- I love the idea of stackable rings but wanted to take it a step further. Using colored gemstones while stacking them in one finger or two give it a fun playful edge!

My personal rings- red spinels in 18k rose gold made about 8 years ago (?)

worn together

a white gold version with aquamarine, amethysts and mali garnet.

Mali garnet, rhodonite garnet, amethyst, blue topaz and citrine in 18k rose gold

as worn on the finger- stunning no?

The earrings to match

As you can see,
I used different colors for each ear to create a playful vibe


Anonymous said...

this is what jewelry is all about!!

having fun but still elegant and classy!!

it`s all about having the sense of harmony!!

really love the mixture of colours and stones!!!

Candifier said...

Hey! Those are MY ears!!! I should get royalty!!! But seriously, love this piece! Can I have it???

Anonymous said...

Hi. Will these ring still be available or will they cost too much if a special order is made? I went to your store recently and they were no longer on display :( I really like them. Your designs are witty and unique.

JDHoschka said...

Kindly drop me a line at I think we can work something out! :-)