Monday, 19 May 2008


il·lu·sion [i-loo-zhuhn] –noun

[Psychology. a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.]

This pair of earrings are called illusion simply because they look like one big pair of brilliant cut diamonds when it really consists of four marquises and one princess cut diamond in the center.
Once worn, it looks like a pair of big mama 3 carat diamonds dangling from your earlobes!

Currently a pair of these diamonds in actual 3 carat sizes will cost you around USD $ 70,000 but you can get the look for much much less...

Email me if interested.
Special lay away plan can be arranged.

No detail is spared. Diamond prong settings

Even the side (which I think I love the most) was paid spectacular attention to!

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Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Be still my wallet! I love this pair of earrings, but boo hoo someone plant me a money tree!!