Monday, 5 January 2009

Lavender Jade Earrings

Was cleaning out my pictures folder and came across this pair of earrings I designed about 6 years ago. I never did see it finished (we were living in Thailand at the time) so it's nice to see pictures like this crop up! My sister must have sent me this file. I believe this was designed under 2 minutes on the spot.

Lavender jade with pink sapphires, diamonds and onyx in 18k white gold.


wendy said...

These and your version of the Nicole Kidman Chanel earrings are stunning. Do you have a website? Where can I purchase some of your dangling earrings please please please? Many thanks.

JDHoschka said...

Thanks for your comment! My website does not sell online. If you like anything here, we can discuss over email and we can ship it to you. Cheers!