Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Indian Summer

Indian jewellery holds so much mystique. The intricacy of the work, the ages old passed down tradition of cutting diamonds...all connote the warmth and exoticism that is India.

Here are what's in store now:

Hoops made in hammered gold and silver with brown rose cut diamonds.
They come in small, medium and large sizes

Brown rose cut diamonds in a combination of silver and gold on a bakelite disc

This is atypical Indian bejewelled cuffs.
They usually make 2 cuffs of same design to be worn together.

What's in store:

Pair of hammered gold and silver bangles with brown rose cut diamonds.

Bangles of rose cut diamonds in gold and silver.

I love their vintagey art deco feel!

rose cut diamonds in silver and gold on a black bakelite cuff

so opulent!

See you at the store!

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