Monday, 8 June 2009

What Ruffa Wore

It is such a treat to dress up Ruffa Gutierrez. Her stylist, Yoya Gueco (who is also Rajo Laurel's "third eye" as he calls her!) usually emails me designs of what she is wearing then we collaborate what looks good. As you can see, jewellery fits Ruffa to a T!

Here are the items she wore for last Sunday's The Buzz Tv show

Earrings of white topaz surrounded by blue sapphires in black silver

Enormous floral cocktail ring made of white sapphires in black silver

Stingray cuff with an amethyst marquise cneter with yellow and white sapphires, freshwater pearls in black silver

Unfortunately, I caught the show last minute and was only able to take this fuzzy picture.
Her outfit is killer!

Thank you Ruffa and Yoya! Till next time!

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