Friday, 17 July 2009


I went to ManilaArt last night and boy was it jampacked! Talk about sensory overload. I'll have to go back this weekend to hopefully (and quietly) absorb and be inspired.

Speaking of sensory overload, I was quite proud to say that I saw so many ladies wearing my creations. I wasn't able to snap all of them but you know who you are! Each wore it their own stylish way- have a look:

Sister Act 1- Preview Editor Pauline Suaco Juan and Mago Suaco Oben. I am proud to say that they call us their family jewellers. Pauline has also been very supportive of my business since day one. Love these girls!

Tres Cruzes- Leslie, Camille and Reina. I enjoy being with these 3- we did a photobooth session after and it was a hoot!

I teasingly call her Ms. She-Who-Needs-No-Introductions but Irene Marcos Araneta is really a down to earth kinda gal. A beautiful person inside and out!

Ms. Aji Tan of Healthy Options in an ostrick feather confection with Jul Dizon Jewellery (ok it's my Mom's but hey am still proud! ) Flanked by pretty Sarah Evangelista (right) who spearheaded ManilaART and owns Gallery BIG and Anne Jacobe (left).

I know my photography skills aren't that great and I should have been faster with my camera but I will try to zoom in on what JANINA they are wearing.

Have a good weekend folks!

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