Tuesday, 4 August 2009

National Museum Exhibit

It was an honor to be included as part of the jewellery exhibit at the National Museum's General Assembly Meeting. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but here are the pictures of what went on that day. A very big thanks to Dindin Araneta, Yael Buencamino and Trickie Lopa for inviting me!

Dindin Araneta who is one of the organizers, jewellers Michelline Syjuco, Paul Syjuco, me and Chitz Ramirez who is the curator of the Lopez Museum.

My sister Lucille who helped me that day, Paul and Michelline Syjuco

Michelline's display

Paul's display

My display

A big thanks for Michelline for the pictures,
Interior Designer Ito Kish for helping out with the display,
and for all who made it!

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