Wednesday, 14 October 2009

HSBC forum

I was invited yesterday by Hongkong Shanghai Bank to share my experiences as an exporter. I was quite nervous since no 1. I am a newbie and no 2. I was sharing the panel with Anton Huang of SSI (the local distributor for all things luxe: Hermes, Prada you name it) as well as Mr. Hiro Asandas who is a big time exporter.( he holds the licensing for all the linens of Disney as well as the brand Canadian)

It was held at the delightful Sala restaurant. We were asked questions such as how globalization affects our business (my answer: jewellery has always been a global business- diamonds from Africa, rubies from Myanmar, emeralds from Cambodia, need I say more) and plans for the future.

It was a great experience for me and I am glad I was there to listen to these pros talk.Mr. Asandas was a witty natural story teller and Anton was eloquent and charming.

Thank you HSBC!

All smiles
Mr. Junie Veloso of HSBC, Mr. Hiro Asandas, me and Anton Huang

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