Monday, 14 December 2009

My Mom

Jul Dizon - 1943- 2009

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing about the passing away of my beautiful Mom. The grief is overwhelming. I am hoping that by showing you my eulogy, it will give me some kind of solace.

To my Mom, my best friend, closest advisor, till we meet again.

Thank you all for coming and being with our family on this bittersweet occasion.

Aside from family, we usually see everybody during one of our social events where we celebrate milestones. Well, this is actually also one of them. We are celebrating the successful life of my wonderful Mom- how she lived it, how she led it.

If I were to describe Mom in 3 words, it would have to be beautiful,
thankful and prepared.

She is beautiful in all aspects of the word. Inside and out. Her
elegant demeanor, her style and grace was evident to all. When I was
younger, everyone would always comment on how much I looked like her
and of course the rebel that I was, I wanted to forge my own identity.
But now, as I've grown up, I've realized what a great
compliment it is. Her ageless skin- she was a Dove endorser 4 yrs
ago- to have her easy ever gracious smile, I can only aspire and wish
to be as flawless as she was.

Inside, she is a woman of great compassion and grace. I've not heard
her say one mean thing about anybody- it was always, "understand that
person's situation pls" Her thoughtfulness and devotion to God is
beyond human. Everybody might think that I am putting her on a
pedestal and that is really what I am doing for my mom is clearly an
exceptional woman.

Her thankfulness in everything she did gave us her family and her
friends so much inspiration. If you have received a basket of flowers
or fruit, or both from her, chances are she did the arranging herself.
She would always start our prayers with thank you, not pls give or pls
bless because she believed that if you start with thank you, it
means that you have already received God's grace. And you know what,
it is 100% true.

The last description, preparedness is an action that she has been
doing for us eversince. In our teenage years, when were ONLY
interested in partying and chasing boys or girls, she would make us
sit next to her after school so we can observe her interact with
customers. This prepared us to deal with clients who sooner than
later become friends. She taught us the business as she led it- with
integrity, truth and always service with a smile. So if you know our
family, you will know that it is easy to make us bola into giving you
a better price. Not so good in the profit margin area, but very good
in making lifelong friends.

So to my BEAUTIFUL mom, I THANK God that He made you are our Mother for you are the best mother for us. I THANK you Mom for
preparing us for our lives ahead. I THANK you Mom for being such a
great woman, wife, mother, friend, businesswoman, artist and
inspiration to many.

It is with great pride and honor to say that I am

MY Mother's daughter.


Mel said...

Greatest condolence to you and your family. In all the sorrow, remember all the bright moments.

hanna said...

Jenny, what a beautiful tribute. Tita Jul was such an inspiration and I'm most certain she is looking at you, beaming with pride from beyond...

Again, condolences.