Thursday, 17 December 2009

My Mom's Letter to God

We found this letter amongst her effects..
This was probably written 2-3 months prior to passing away.

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Dear Wonderful Creator of the Universe,

I do not know how I will surrender to you my soul- with a body that is whole or not whole. Now, it no longer matters- I am READY.

You've given me the sweetest life. The honey of success, the warm friendship of my friends, the fleeting joy of material wealth, but most valuable of all is the feeling of true deep love of my family, most especially my husband and children.

I tossed in the waves of faith and fear but now should my creator choose to redeem my soul, I will no longer ask why. I rarely did ask why. Deep within me, I knew there is a reason for everything.

The reason is now unfolding - " To awaken thy love in all hearts." I offer to you my husband's and children's LOVE. My greatest gift to you My God for all the goodness in my life.

We are so proud of our Mom and we want the whole world to know how exceptional she is.

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Michelle Pestano said...

such a beautiful letter. thank you for sharing this.